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Whatever the make or model of your vehicle, whether you need repairs, would like a full service or need diagnostics, you’ll receive affordable professional mechanical services.

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Worried something is wrong with your car? Our mechanics can carry out almost any mechanical or electrical repair on all makes and models of car.

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Regular routine maintenance of your vehicle is essential and can be something that is easily overlooked. Professional car servicing helps maintain the resale value of your vehicle, as well as identifying faults before they develop into more serious problems.

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If you see warning lights illuminated on your dashboard, you may require an engine diagnostics check to help identify potential problems with your vehicle. As technology advances, modern vehicles are increasingly becoming a ‘computer on wheels’, and therefore advanced vehicles require advanced diagnostic technology. At Mashobadieta, our expert technicians perform engine diagnostic checks using the latest diagnostic equipment to learn more about why the vehicle is not functioning correctly.

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When they are the only thing between your vehicle and the road, ensuring their condition is well maintained is vital to your vehicle’s efficiency and your safety. Increased wear can lead to reduced grip and handling as well as having a serious impact your vehicle’s stopping distance. By regularly checking your tires at Mashobadieta, our experts will ensure that your vehicle is road-safe and legal, ensuring that you avoid any unnecessary points and fines.

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You never know what’s around the corner and when you might need to stop quickly and safely. For this reason, it’s essential to have your braking system checked regularly by professionals. If you are unsure about the condition of your brakes, our friendly, expert technicians will check your braking system to identify any issues and help you stay safe on the road. Our brake specialists are fully trained and committed to maintaining your brakes in an expert and cost-effective manner.

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